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Modern Marine Marketing

Web site development, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital advertising guidance for targeting the growing international yachting and marine services industry.

Marketing Fact

Recreational boat ownership is currently a $25 billion international industry and growing despite a global recession. The robust growth of the marine & yachting industry is attracting new businesses looking to cash in on the opportunities.

As a member of the yachting community, I understand the marine consumer. And as an experienced marketing professional, I know a website can be the best vehicle and least expensive way to leave an important first impression.

The growing competitive global marine and yachting industry has resulted in an abundance of boat and yacht related websites. Whether you wish to market regionally or internationally, it’s more important than ever to be found and have your marketing message heard. It’s also critical to have a professional looking website with customer-focused content that is search engine optimized so potential customers can find your business. 

Increase Your Exposure On Any Budget

Did you know most businesses can make small changes to their site and greatly improve their search engine ranking? Whether your company offers marine services, yacht charters or boats for sale, I can help you apply best practices with online opportunities to increase your sales. Together we can push your website to the top of Google, Bing and other search engines.

Contact me for a free 15-minute marine marketing consult.

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