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Ranking high on search engines is no longer optional, it's critical!

Search engine optimization (aka SEO) is all about making your web site's pages findable and preferable over your competitors. SEO is unique to every website, competitive environment, and business' goals -- and SEO is ongoing.

SEO Fact

75% of all search clicks go to organic results -- not paid ads.

State of SEO Marketing Report, SEOMoz, Aug 2012

Organic SEO

I specialize in organic SEO, the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website from search engines via "natural" or "algorithmic" search results for targeted keywords. I develop an in-depth understanding of your business (including researching your competitors, customers and industry trends) to discover opportunities for increasing your online presence and market reach, and advise on responsive keyword phase strategies to get you the search engine results you want.

The Art of SEO

SEO is a mix of science and art by means of code, design, usability, and content. As a SEO expert, I am highly experienced with keyword research, site structure, competitive analysis, implementing SEO best practices, analytics, and customer-focused content.

Today’s SEO is about bringing together all facets of your marketing, web design and social efforts so that they work well together. I offer a range of search marketing guidance depending on your in-house marketing and technology talent. Popular SEO services include:

SEO Audits

:: Mini SEO Audit

My most popular service offering is a basic SEO Audit, where I carefully review your website's code and content to identify its strengths and weaknesses in relation to search engines. No matter how old your site, this is an excellent starting point for any web marketing project. It's a valuable insight to how search engines see each page of your site. My mini audit results in a score-card assessment of each page and a list of recommendations for SEO improvements that can be implemented by your web master. $200 and up.

:: Comprehensive Audit

A big-picture look at your site or review of new site documentation for search engine friendly principles, usability, brand messaging, and content. Also includes competitive research and keyword analysis. Direction for or implementation of changes to improve site architecture & code, on-page search engine optimization, and advise on off-page SEO. $500 and up.

Keyword Strategy

:: Basic Keyword Analysis

Keywords are key to search engine placement. My basic analysis includes competitive research, a status report of your current keyword's search engine positioning, and identified top keyword phrases. $150 and up.

:: Keyword Phrase Strategy

An in-depth understanding of your industry, competitors, products & services, and customers to identify trends and new opportunities. Current search engine position report with advice for improvement. Direct or implement keyword phase strategy through on-page SEO techniques, content development, link building, and off-page SEO tactics. $300 and up.

SEO Best Practices Training


:: Landing Page Creation

:: Managing Pay-Per-Click


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