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Regardless of age, the world is becoming more social and the experts assure us that social media isn't a fad, it's a revolution. So, it's time to get social!

Social Media Facts

More than 1/2 of US SMBs say social media sites play an important role in active sales.

Forbes Insights, May 2010

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Nearly 2/3 of US Internet users regularly use a social network.

Emarketer, Feb 2011

Social media has many forms, including blogs and microblogs (e.g. Twitter), content communities (e.g. Youtube), and social networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn). A key component to successful social media marketing is building "social authority", which is when an individual or organization establishes themselves as an expert in their given field or area, thereby becoming an influencer.

Engage in Social Media

I help people and small businesses kick-start their use of social media (or connect them with the right social media strategist who can write, post and manage the day-to-day requirements of any social media plan). Working together, we can identify the best forms of social media for your business, create a sustainable plan based on your internal resources, and get started towards claiming your authority and gaining followers.

Oh yeah, social media is also an important component of search engine optimization (SEO) and any online marketing plan. So, seriously, get social!

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